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Johan Zwaenepoel



Pilates is a movement system which uses spring-driven machines as well as a series of floor exercises to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration.


 It has all the benefits of a cardio work-out, while stretching the mind as well as the body – it develops mental strength as well as being physically demanding and trains the mind and body to work in perfect harmony.


 Pilates can be tailored to every fitness and ability level, from those with restricted movement, or recovering from injury, to sports professionals at the top end of their game.


Pilates – What to expect

Alexander Technique


The Alexander Technique has a worldwide following as a method of mind and body re-education which reduces stress and muscle tension and revitalises all who practise it.


The Technique is a powerful tool for dealing with both physical and mental stress, encouraging personal growth and transformation.  It promotes ease and efficiency of movement, enhances balance and coordination, freedom of breath and voice and improved sensory awareness.


The Alexander Technique is ultimately applied to how we use ourselves in all activities, as the manner in which we use ourselves directly affects how we function, perform and maintain health.

 Alexander Technique - What to expect

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