I believe that the truly inspirational teachers are born rather than created. It gave us great pleasure to give Johan his Body Control Pilates qualifications but we cannot take all the credit - Johan has a rare natural gift. I cannot praise his teaching skills highly enough. I just wish I lived near enough to come to his classes. Don't miss this chance to learn from him!” Lynne Robinson (founder of Body Control Pilates)


Johan Zwaenepoel is an excellent instructor with a thorough and very in-depth knowledge of Pilates and how to teach it effectively.” Jonathan G, Ramsey.


I just want to say thank you for all the help you have given me, you have been a wonderful teacher and I will really miss our sessions.” Alison, UK


"Johan - are you planning on coming back to London? I miss you so much and cannot find any Pilates personal trainers as good as you." Barbara, London


Johan is a master in his field and genuinely desires people of all abilities and ages to benefit and develop from his teaching. He knows exactly where you need to relax (mentally and physically) and precisely where you need to kick in with effort (muscle-wise and mentally with concentration). He is extremely patient and client-focussed and his professional, caring, but calm and safe approach makes it a delight to learn and practice with him. His knowledge of how to adapt movements for injury and how to help treat damaged parts of the body is phenomenal - I cannot recommend him highly enough." Carole B, Ramsey, Isle of Man


I am a Pilates teacher myself and Johan was my teacher for almost 8 years. As a teacher I was looking for a different approach to a regular Pilates session. Johan combined his knowledge of Pilates, Alexander Technique and Tai Chi and turned this into a unique session. Apart from his excellent knowledge and experience, Johan is very intuitive which helps him to spot misalignment and other issues in the body. After a class with Johan you have a sense of overall well-being. I enjoyed working with him very much.” Antje, London


I met Johan 10 years ago when I starting my teacher training at Body Control Pilates and I worked with him privately for the next 8 years. His unique combination of Pilates AND Alexander Technique teaching, combined with his totally intuitive sense of what the body in front of him needs, was completely transformative to my body. I came to him with chronic neck and hip pain which not only affected my quality of life, but inhibited the way the rest of my body moved in every way. Through his guidance, and his totally and utterly patient unravelling of my inefficient movement patterns, I completely changed the way I moved. The pain went away and because he taught me how to move well, it has never returned, even though I am not able to see him anymore due to geography. In addition to how he helped heal my own body, his guidance over all those years, totally informed and formed my own teaching style - I know that breath is the most important component of movement, I know there is a way of moving that is graceful and without tension, but that gets you so super strong. I will always be grateful for Johan’s influence on my body, in my teaching and in my life. I have worked with the best of the best teachers all over the world and I can tell you that the Isle of Man is so very lucky to have this unique and gifted teacher. ” Donna Pourteymour, Studio Owner, Cobham Pilates


"I started Alexander Technique lessons with Johan several months ago after suffering a serious nerve injury to my left arm and I was in pain most days and felt that I'd lost a sense of connection with my body. The Alexander Technique is fundamentally about making proper use of ourselves. As my lessons progressed, thanks to Johan's calm and considered approach as a teacher, I began to realise how I had been carrying a lot of habitual and unnecessary tension in my body when completing even simple tasks like sitting down or standing up. With the lightest of touches Johan helped me to perform the same tasks but in the correct manner and by using the minimal amount of tension within my body. He has taught me how to develop a more efficient relationship between my head, neck and back and since starting my lessons I feel more centered, calm and relaxed than I have done for a very long time. I am deeply grateful for Johan's expert guidance and for helping me rediscover my sense of self!" Benjamin, Isle of Man


I have been doing Pilates since 2000, the first two years in a London studio where I had some fantastic instructors and became very much stronger. In recent times, however, my back has been giving me increasing problems, and I have tried various therapies to help with these. When Johan Zwaenepoel arrived on the Isle of Man last year, I began having one-to-one lessons with him once a week, and I can honestly say that I have made very rapid progress since then. Johan's knowledge, not just of Pilates but also of Alexander Technique and Tai Chi and, more generally, of how the body works, is most impressive, and I have benefited immensely from his teaching. I would not hesitate to recommend him - he is undoubtedly the best Pilates instructor I have ever come across.” Gillian C, Isle of Man