Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique brings practical intelligence to daily life. By increasing our awareness, we can learn to recognise and prevent or let go of the damaging habits which are the root of many problems.

What happens in a lesson? 

The first lesson will start with a short discussion about what brings you to the Alexander Technique and how you would like to benefit from it. We will then look at some simple everyday activities such as standing, sitting and walking. With verbal instruction and non-invasive manual guidance the teacher will encourage you to release inappropriate tension during movement and you will discover more about habits which may be limiting your potential. In this way you will come to appreciate how thought affects action and experience greater alertness and lighter and freer movement.

How many lessons will I need?

It is difficult to answer this question without having some knowledge of your individual needs, and this is definitely something to discuss during the first lesson. As a rule of thumb you will need between five to ten lessons to begin applying the technique to your life. Many people enjoy it so much they choose to have more.

Is it for me and will it fix my problem?

The Alexander Technique is a study of causes not symptoms. There is considerable and growing evidence that learning the technique helps you to address the underlying causes of functional problems such as back pain, neck pain and discomfort caused by tension. Pupils also come to the technique for posture, stress, pregnancy-related aches and pains and difficulties for performers. The best way to find out is to have an introductory assessment lesson.

Am I the right age?

So far, my youngest pupil was five and my eldest was 98! There is no reason why age should be a barrier to learning and the technique is beneficial at any age.

Do I need to be fit?

There is no minimum level of fitness required and you will not be asked to perform any exercises or need to wear special clothing.

Can it help my sport?

Definitely yes! The Alexander Technique helps you become more mobile, more coordinated and more aware of your movements. From cricket to karate, from rowing gently to running a marathon, the technique can help your performance.

Does it involve manipulation?

No. The Alexander Technique is a creative learning process and the teacher will help you with both verbal and manual guidance. Alexander teachers are highly trained in a delicate and accurate use of the hands designed not to manipulate but to increase your awareness of your own body.

I have a disability

Teachers are experienced at working with students with a variety of disabilities and we strive to make the technique accessible to everybody. Please ensure we understand your needs when booking your lesson.

I am in a wheelchair

My teaching room is located at ground floor level, with one step to enter so you will need to be able to go up one step to have a lesson at my studio.

Are there any exercises?

From the very first lesson your teacher will give you guidelines and suggestions for applying the technique in your daily life. Instead of learning exercises, you will learn a more conscious use of your muscular system.

Can I just try it out?

Yes, start with one lesson and find out if the Alexander Technique is for you.

How long does a lesson last?

Alexander Technique lessons are normally 40 minutes, although your first lesson may last an hour.

When the pupil has mastered the basics, the teacher can work with him/her in activities relevant to his/her profession or interest such as playing an instrument, working at a desk, housework etc. In time and with practice you will be able to apply the Alexander Technique principles on your own which is the real importance and value of the Technique.